Experience Dataw

To truly appreciate Dataw Island we suggest you come and visit us on one of our Experience Dataw packages. During a two-night three-day stay you can:

  • Play golf on our two championship courses
  • Dine in our newly renovated clubhouse
  • Play tennis on one of our eight Har-Tru courts
  • Work-out in our fitness center
  • Enjoy Dataw Island as a club member

  • For details on Dataw real estate or the Experience Dataw Program click here send me more informationcall 843-838-3838 or mailto:marketing@dataw.com

    Membership at The Dataw Island Club

    If you have any questions or to learn more about membership options at Dataw Island Club, please contact our Director of Membership Ann Brown, at 843.838.8261 or info@dataw.com

    One of the best things about Dataw is the active and beautiful Dataw Island Club.

    As the center for much of the activity on Dataw, the Club is where members meet, play and enjoy the friendship of neighbors.  The Club has recently passed a new and more flexible membership program where members can choose which Club amenities they would like to be involved with and at what level.  This way you can pick and pay for the club activities that best suit you and your family.  All new residents of Dataw become members of the Club.  Membership gives you access to the dining and meeting facilities, the indoor and outdoor pools, the state-of-the art fitness and community center and the golf practice facilities.  If a member then wants to participate in additional golf, tennis or croquet play, they can purchase a wide variety of packages for the level of play they wish.  This new program gives the Dataw Island Club members the ability to design a membership program that uniquely fits their family’s needs. For more information on residential memberships


    You Don't Have to Live Here to Belong

    Country Club Members Love Dataw. A wonderful aspect of The Dataw Island Club is that you don't have to live on Dataw to be a member.  Country club members enjoy all the great amenities as resident members.  They can play golf, tennis and croquet, use the fitness center and dine at any of the dining venues. They swim in the pools and enjoy the many social events of the Club. Like the Residential Members you can pick and choose which components of the Club match your family's needs and design your membership to suit your family. The Dataw Island Country Club membership may just be right for you. 

     For More Information CLICK HERE. 

    Country Club Dining

    Membership Provides full access to the Club’s Fine & Casual Dining facilities to include attendance at Special Dining Events and Bridge Functions. $195/year   (No initiation fee required) 


    Rental Property

    Renting Property On Dataw Island?  We have membership opportunities for you.

    2015 Renter Membership
    2015 Renter Amenity Form

    Living on Dataw

    Looking to purchase property on Dataw Island?  We have membership opportunities for you.

    Membership and Owner's Association Fees